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Now I don’t know what kind of drama I’m about to stir up by saying this, but I love fur. Real or faux, I’ve been lusting for a great piece for my collection all winter. I haven’t had the time to source a great vintage (real) fur, but it’s on my long list of wardrobe must-haves. Nothing says, “I’ve arrived” and “back off, I’m werkin’ here” like an epic piece of fur. The texture of fur against pretty much anything adds a great edge and layered element to any look. Men, I’m going to suggest this look for night-time fun, and women, I expect it daily. You can add fur into your looks through accessories such as hats and stoles, or go all out and werk that full fur. I was going to pull some of my favorite furs from online for you guys to see, but I think some style inspiration photos explain this look better. 
And please, refrain from wearing anything with ears on it. Thank you. – The Management
Images courtesy of LookBook.nu and Jak & Jil.


With this cold weather in Chicago currently, everyone could use a great hat to keep them warm. Here are some of my picks for covering up the top of your head, while still looking fresh ‘n fabulous! #TurnSomeHeads #WerkTheWeather

b. Barneys
c. Urban Outfitters
d. Barneys


Trends come and go, but this one is really nothing new. The latest in women’s fashion fines all plain, collar-less shirts for being fashionable boring! The collar has become more of a piece of jewelry or an accessory than a professional faux-pas. The great thing about this trend, is that these detachable collars basically double your wardrobe by offering every top in your closet a new look! Interestingly enough, mens fashion is following very closely behind this trend, with mens shirts coming pre-bedazzled and accented. #CollarCalledOut

Topshop Gold Sequin Cape, TopShop.

I love the idea of glitzing up a simple dress shirt with a glitter collar! Great for taking that work outfit into nighttime. #FromWorkToWerk

Sonia by Sonia Rykiel silk-crepe collar, Net-a-Porter.com

I love the color of this collar and the rounded edge detail. And that bow-tie, sex.

AKIRA detachable black leather collar, Akira.com

I’m a sucker for anything leather right now. And this leather collar is perfect for giving any look that last minute edge. #HitMeBabyOneMoreTime

Eleven Objects citron leather collar, ElevenObject.com

Absolutely in love this this color. Neon brings everything to life. #NeonNerd

AAA Faux Fur Collar, Topman.com

And this look works for both men and woman, the fur collar for this fall/winter is so chic and cozy! I’m on the hunt for the perfect piece for my closet right now. #FurryCollar