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After attending the School of the Art Institue of Chicago‘s 2012 Fashion show, I have to say that I was thoroughly impressed. From the music, to the lights, and of course the garments, Fashion 2012 was certainly the most profound show I’ve attended to date. With every collection that walked down the runway, I was totally enveloped in the aesthetic of the designer. With styling down to the T, each model was perfectly tailored to evoke a conceptual lifestyle of the wearer. My favorite collections were the ones that left the most to the imagination. I love when fashion is ambiguous, genderless, and theoretical. Many collections seemed to make social and political commentary on the exceptions of commercial fashion. Transcending trend or even functionality, many looks felt architectural and sculptural in their appeal. Walking away from the show, I felt more optimistic about the future of Chicago fashion, and creatively inspired to continue to give a voice to the budding Chicago fashion scene.

The runway all ready to strut.

I loved this collection’s simple palette and intense geometry!

That sweater is amazing. I loved the pieces that looked “hairy.”

Goth babez 4 lyfe!

Just awkward me, after dashing across the city from work! #NotMyBestLook

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